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A few of you may have been wondering what we have been working on and why it took us so long.

This global pandemic and lockdown situation came as a shocking change for all of us. It has taught us many things and shown that there is another way of living. Our ideal of a perfect home was a bit outdated and after this experience, we give priority to other aspects that before were not considered essential.

As this simple idea grew, LYDAKIS ESTATE was born. We want to break away from traditional residences and develop sustainable properties with a lot of natural lighting, innovative technology, high quality finishes and needless to say, in great locations. Just to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

But we didn’t stop there. We also noticed that there were other gaps in the housing market that needed improvement: it is a long process, sometimes overpriced and utilises confusing terminology (especially if you are new in this world). LYDAKIS ESTATE wants to help when it comes to selling/buying a home or investing in a commercial/residential project. We are not house agents; we are just like you, but with extensive experience delivering public, commercial and residential projects – and most probably, we also know the people that you don’t. Think about our team as a human and transparent solution that will be here to support you during the process, whether it is a new development or a pre-owned one.

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